Mind Clearing and Counseling can assist in the recovery of your personal energy, power of choice, ability to relate and to enhance personal practice.

For clients wanting to clear current problems, relationship issues, stuck conditions, difficult life transitions, traumatic incidents, sudden losses, major changes in lifestyle, making a decision, life purpose, money, trauma, bad karma and more.
5 private sessions: $275
1 session $70
Session time: 1 1/2hrs.

For clients wanting to deepen their ability to live life fully as part of their personal development. Clearing core issues, past lives, hidden trauma, spiritual problems, stuck growth experiences, states of Being and more.
10 private sessions: $500
Sessions intensives: 5 sessions over two days

Clears and trains couples in the art of understanding, finding agreements, solving problems, developing communication skills and learning about male and female psychological functioning while relating. Through couples clearing, you have a potential to fulfill your higher purpose with your loved one.
1 session $70 1 1/2hrs
5 sessions: $275

MIND CLEARING GROUP SESSIONS for personal development
Working with a partner from the professional development Basics of Clearing training, receive preset instructions on specific life topics to clear: current problems, incomplete communications to others, boundary violations, life purpose, relationship issues, karma, trauma and more.
10 sessions: $250

BASICS OF MIND CLEARING TRAINING for professional development
Year 1 Basics of Clearing 100hr + certification course. This course will prepare the therapist to give basic mind clearing sessions. A prerequisite for Mind Clearing Year 2 and 3.
In this training, you will gain one of the best educations you will find anywhere on the topics of communication, what help is, the inner workings of the mind, and the nature of the true individual. You will learn proven methods under personal guidance as your experience and confidence grow.
Dates for 2015. 6 Weekends: 12 hours per weekend: Fri 7-9pm, Sat: 11-5pm, Sunday 10-4pm. 72 hours
Including 5 private sessions with Meranda – 10 hours. Plus 15 hours of receiving sessions and 15 hours of giving sessions. 30 hours. $2000 ($350 monthly payments or prearranged visa payments.)

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