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Ian Goudie, Ph.D.

The Lotus Centre, initially created by Meranda Squires, encourages personal practise and spiritual community. The Lotus Centre provides services in yoga, meditation, chanting, mind clearing, mind clearing communication techniques, Thai Massage, Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Enlightenment Studies programs, Yoga Cleansing Diet Workshops and Enlightenment Intensive Retreats.

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The Lotus Centre is expanding and now has embraced The Tree Of Life Retreat Centre owned by Ian Goudie, which is under development in Salmonier, St. Mary's Bay, Newfoundland. Ian has been manifesting a centre based on sacred geometry of the mystical kabbalah. In alignment with the shifting planetary consciousness, the objective is to provide a sacred place in Nature for participants to experience sustainable, and self-sufficient lifestyles while deepening their spiritual practise. The Centre is now open to community participants to help build the Tree Of Life Retreat and groom the surrounding grounds.

Meranda Squires grew up in the Ferryland lighthouse on the East Coast of Newfoundland, Canada. Meditation, dance and creativity were naturally inspired by her surroundings of the open and spacious habitat, and her artistic parents, Gerald and Gail Squires. In 1983, Meranda traveled to India and stayed for seventeen years to pursue an in depth study of meditation, Yoga and Vedant philosophy. She returned in 2000 to establish her spiritual centre. the Lotus Centre and Gerald Squires Fine Art Gallery are located at 52 Prescott Street in St. John's, Newfoundland. Meranda is certified as a teacher of Advanced Studies in Yoga Science, Vedant Philosophy and the Theory and Practise of Meditation, a Soma Yoga Instructor, a Thai-yoga bodywork practitioner, and Enlightenment Master, a Mind Clearer and Counselor.

Ian Goudie, Ph.D. is a musician, sound therapist and an environmental scientist. He is a native Newfoundlander with a thorough knowledge of the province's geography and ecology. His lifetime experience in nature has fine tuned his knowledge of plants and animals. He provides workshops in attuning the body's energy system using sacred mantras and sounds, as well as guided visualizations to determine individual animal and plant spirit guides. He is a trained chief monitor for enlightenment intensives. His main project is to build the Tree of Life Retreat Centre, Salmonier Line, self sustainable community working with alternative materials and renewable energies.

The Lotus Centre
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