PRE-SOMA YOGA (Pre-Level 1) Prepares the beginner for the Soma yoga class. Students receive more guidance. Mondays 5:30pm.

SOMA YOGA (Level 1) Gentle yoga with breathing and meditation. Supports students with injuries and restricted range of movement. Some partner supported yoga postures. Mondays 9:30-11am. Mondays 5:30-7pm.

LOTUS FLOW (Level 2) These flows are a nice balance of Soma and Hatha yoga inspired by the level of students present. The class begins with an hour of flow and ends with relaxation and meditation. Any level welcome. Mats available.

LOTUS FLOW (Level 3) Introducing standing poses moving through postures with slow clear instructions. For developing further flexibility, balance, core strength while exploring challenging postures. The flow style and the held postures can feel like a work out!

Yoga classes are 1hr 30 minutes in duration.

Registration: Offering continuing registration at any time.
Students may purchase 5 or 10 class passes.

5 class pass: $70
10 class pass: $130, 20 class pass: $240
Drop in fee: $15

Lotus Membership Passes: 10 sessions for $130 or 20 sessions for $250. Membership passes include any ongoing weekly sessions, such any variation of yoga classes, Wednesday meditations, Monday Dyads and Sunday Chants

UPCOMING YOGA RETREATS for yoga students and teachers. $250 per weekend. Includes accomodation with meal contribution. To find out more, click here.

LOTUS YOGA TEACHERS If you are looking for private or group classes: Meet the Lotus Yoga Teachers.

YOGA TEACHER TRAINING 200 hour course over a one year period. This course will have emphasis on Soma and Hatha yoga. To find out more click here.

THAI YOGA MASSAGE TREATMENT Gentle rocking, deep yoga stretching, acupressure of energy lines and rhythmic compressions together create a unique theraputic and relaxing massage experience. Thai massage uses a mat on a floor with client wearing comfortable loose clothing. 90 minutes treatment: $80. Contact to book appointment.

THERAPEUTIC YOGA These one-on-one sessions help the new yoga student find relief in body spasms and resistances and to learn a specific routine for personal practise. Sometimes this session can be helpful before starting a group yoga class. 1 hour: $55. Contact to book appointment.

The Lotus Centre
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Phone # 709-739-4429